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Book Cover
25. Dez. 2010

Book by Somnath Batabyal on "Indian Mass Media"

Somnath Batabyal, postdoctoral researcher at the Cluster, has co-edited the book "Indian Mass Media and the Politics of Change". Manifold articles examine the ways in which the nation is being... weiterlesen

Front Cover of Volume I "Grammars and Morphologies of Ritual practices in Asia"
20. Dez. 2010

Conference Proceedings on "Ritual Dynamics" published

The results of a large conference on “Ritual Dynamics and the Science of Ritual” are published in five volumes. The books have been edited by Cluster Co-Director Prof. Dr. Axel Michaels. weiterlesen

29. Nov. 2010

New Anthology co-edited by Michael Falser

Dr. Michael Falser, postdoctoral researcher in project D12 "Heritage as a Transcultural Concept", co-edited a commented anthology on architectural reconstruction in Germany. The book will be... weiterlesen

Book Cover "Barefoot Across the Nation. Maqbool Fida Husain & the Idea of India"
02. Nov. 2010

New Book Series started by Monica Juneja

Prof. Monica Juneja has started a new book series on “Visual and Media Histories”. The first volume has just been published. weiterlesen

25. Okt. 2010

Cluster participated at Frankfurt Book Fair

The Cluster of Excellence "Asia and Europe in Global Context" was represented at the Frankfurt Book Fair. weiterlesen

18. Mai. 2010

New essays on themes of Hindu god posters and the images of commodity

The Chair of Visual and Media Anthropology announces two news essays. weiterlesen

Book Cover Literature and Nationalist Ideology
26. Apr. 2010

New Book by Hans Harder on "Literature and Nationalist Ideology"

Prof. Dr. Hans Harder has edited the book "Literature and Nationalist Ideology. Writing Histories of Modern Indian Languages". It gives a significant insight into the literary modernity in South Asia. weiterlesen


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