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26. Sep. 2011

"Transcultural Turbulences" opens Book Series

The proceedings of the 2009 Annual Conference "Flows of Images and Media" are now available in print: The book "Transcultural Turbulences", edited by Christiane Brosius and Roland... weiterlesen

22. Sep. 2011

New book by Project D1 on Historicizing Violence

“Historicizing the ’Beyond’: The Mongolian Invasion as a New Dimension of Violence?” is a new book by research project D1 “Historicizing Violence”. It analyses the influence of Mongolian violence on... weiterlesen

13. Sep. 2011

New Book by Joachim Kurtz on Chinese Logic

Prof. Dr. Joachim Kurtz´s most recent publication "The Discovery of Chinese Logic" examines the history of logic in Chinese culture. The book offers a new perspective on the formation of... weiterlesen

11. Jul. 2011

Susan Richter on Heidelberg’s First Female Professor

Dr. Susan Richter and her Junior Research Group "A4 Bureaucracies" have compiled a new book on the occasion of the 625th anniversary of the Ruperto Carola. The critically edited... weiterlesen

11. Jul. 2011

New Issue of the Cluster’s E-Journal "Transcultural Studies"

The second issue of the E-journal "Transcultural Studies" is now available online. It features articles by Rudolf G. Wagner, Hiroyuki Suzuki, Atsushi Shibasaki (in a translation by Gaynor... weiterlesen

19. Mai. 2011

Special Issue on the Anthropology of Knowledge edited by Laurent Pordié

The latest issue of the Revue d'Anthropologie des Connaissances, edited by Dr. Laurent Pordié, examines the globalization of Asian therapeutic knowledge. weiterlesen

12. Mai. 2011

New Issue of Cluster's E-Journal "Transcultural Studies"

The first article in the new issue of the Cluster's E-Journal "Transcultural Studies" is now online: Sinologist Prof. Rudolf G. Wagner writes about metaphors such as “China asleep/China... weiterlesen


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