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New Issue of the E-Journal "Transcultural Studies"

02. Aug. 2014

The new issue of the e-journal Transcultural Studies is now available online. It features articles by Peter J. Schwartz, Shaoqian Zhang, Mariachiara Gasparini, Lars Schladitz, and Ana Carolina Hosne.

The issue opens with an editor’s note by Rudolf G. Wagner on important topics in the study transcultural interaction including space, networks, agency and media.The issue features five articles. The first article “The Ideological Antecedents of the First-Series Renminbi Worker-and-Peasant Banknote or What Mao Tse-tung May Have Owed to Dziga Vertov” written by Peter J. Schwartz traces the history of an iconic Socialist Realist image from mid-1920s Soviet Russia through its use on the banknotes in Communist China to its dissolution in the iconography of Deng-era currency. In the next article, Shaoqian Zhang examines the war of propaganda prints between the Guomindang and the Japanese militarists in her article “Combat and Collaboration: The Clash of Propaganda Prints between the Chinese Guomindang and the Japanese Empire in the 1930s-40s”. In the article “A Mathematic Expression of Art: Sino-Iranian and Uighur Textile Interaction and the Turfan Textile Collection in Berlin”, Mariachiara Gasparini presents the first results of her analysis carried out on the Turfan Textile Collection in the Museum of Asian Art in Berlin. In “Whaling, Science, and Trans-Maritime Networks, 1910-1914”, Lars Schladitz investigates the whale research by American naturalist Roy Chapman Andrews during and after his expeditions to whaling stations in Japan and Korea. He points out that Andrew’s research offers a new perspective on transcultural flows in whaling by showing the complexity of global entanglements and multidirectional flows. In the fifth article, “Friendship among Literati. Matteo Ricci SJ (1552-1610) in Late Ming China”, Ana Carolina Hosne investigates in the article how the Italian Jesuit Matteo Ricci regarded friendship as an attribute of the Chinese literati and how the importance of this male bonding helped him shape the notion of a “literatus” in Ming China.

Initiated in 2010, Transcultural Studies is published by the Cluster of Excellence "Asia and Europe in a Global Context" at Heidelberg University and hosted by the University Library of the same institution. This peer-reviewed, open-access journal is committed to promoting the knowledge and research of "transculturality" in all disciplines. The journal's editors are Rudolf G. Wagner and Monica Juneja; its managing editor is Andrea Hacker.

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