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New book on Environmental Issues in New Delhi

17. Jul. 2014

Awadhendra Sharan, a former member of the project B11 “Urban Imaginaries”, has published a new book titled “In the City, out of Place: Nuisance, Pollution, and Dwelling in Delhi, c. 1850-2000”.

The publication deals with the contemporary history of environmental issues in Delhi. It traces the journey from the engagement with sanitary matters in the nineteenth century to issues of air and water pollution, waste and toxicity in contemporary Delhi. It suggests that matters of environmental improvement are synchronous in Indian cities rather than being separated in time and space, making them distinct from cities of the global North.

The book “In the City, out of Place: Nuisance Pollution, and Dwelling in Delhi, c. 1850-2000” has been published by Oxford University Press in May 2014.

Awadhendra Sharan is Associate Professor at the Centre for the Study of Developing Societies (CSDS), Delhi. His research focuses on the histories of urban environment in modern India. He has published several essays in the Sarai Reader series of the CSDS and in reputed research journals. He was research associate in the project B11 “Urban Imaginaries” coordinated by Prof. Christiane Brosius and Dr. Tina Schilbach at the Cluster “Asia and Europe”. His new book is partly based on research conducted in the framework of the project.


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