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"Transcultural Turbulences" opens Book Series

26. Sep. 2011

The proceedings of the 2009 Annual Conference "Flows of Images and Media" are now available in print: The book "Transcultural Turbulences", edited by Christiane Brosius and Roland Wenzlhuemer, is the first volume in the Cluster's book series "Transcultural Research – Heidelberg Studies on Asia and Europe in a Global Context".

Based on papers presented at the Cluster's 2009 Annual Conference "Flows of Images and Media", the volume "Transcultural Turbulences" ventures into new domains of research on the transculturality of images and addresses the need to develop new or modify established often ethno- and Eurocentric interpretations of what happens when images travel. It does so by bringing together cutting-edge research from fields such as art history, cultural anthropology, colonial history, Islamic studies, religious studies and literary criticism.

The wide range of themes and approaches is remarkable: In her article "Love in the Age of Valentine and Pink Underwear", Christiane Brosius focuses on "Media and Politics of Intimacy in South Asia". Madeleine Herren-Oesch analyses the "Shifting Identities and Cosmopolitan Machineries" in the aftermath of the 1919 Peace Conference in Paris. And Catherine Yeh discusses in her article "Guides to a Global Paradise" the invention of Chinese urban leisure as illustrated in Shanghai entertainment park newspapers. Further topics covered by the book are the "Art of Cosmopolitanism" (Alexandra Chang), "Early Modern Discourses on Alterity, Religion and Images" (Eva Zhang) and "Tracing Cultural Flows of Western Nudes in Pei-yang Pictorial News" (Sun Liying).

"Transcultural Turbulences - Towards a Multi-Sited Reading of Image Flows" is the first volume of the Cluster's book series "Transcultural Research. Heidelberg Studies on Asia and Europe in a Global Context", which is published by the science book publishing company Springer. The series presents peer-reviewed books by members of the Cluster as well as scholars from both historical and empirical disciplines who are working on new emerging fields that cross existing disciplinary boundaries. It is edited by the Cluster's directors Madeleine Herren-Oesch, Rudolf G. Wagner and Axel Michaels, and coordinated by Andrea Hacker.

Christiane Brosius is Professor for Visual and Media Anthropology and coordinator of several research projects at the Cluster. Roland Wenzlhuemer is leader of the junior research group B9 "Information Flows". Together they conceptualised and organised the Cluster's Annual Conference 2009 "Flows of Images and Media" that was held in autumn 2009.

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