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Antje Flüchter edits Journal Issue

27. Mai. 2015

A special issue of the journal "Comparativ" on transcultural relations and their impact on state building processes has been published. The publication was co-edited by associate Cluster member Prof. Antje Flüchter. It includes some of the results of the final conference of Cluster research project A9 "Cultural Transfer" among which is an article by associate Cluster member Gauri Parasher.

"The Dimensions of Transcultural Statehood" presents six articles dealing with a range of issues: After an introduction to transcultural statehood by editors Christina Brauner and Antje Flüchter, it includes an article on Chinese and Western Diplomacy by Ines Eben v. Racknitz. In the third article, Gauri Parasher discusses legal transculturality in eighteenth-century Pondicherry, followed by Verena Steller's assessment of the rule of law in British India. Christina Brauner contributes an article on intercultural diplomacy in the West African kingdom of Dahomey, and the publication closes with a piece by Yeong-Jo Hwangbo on "The Political Uses of History of the Franco Regime and the Park Regime".

"The Dimensions of Transcultural Statehood" is the fifth issue in 2014 of the magazine "Comparativ", a journal for research in global history and the comparative study of societies. It was edited by Christina Brauner and Antje Flüchter and published by the European Network in Universal and Global History.

Prof. Dr. Antje Flüchter is Professor at the University of Bielefeld and leader of research group MC3.2 "Transcultural Christianity" at the Cluster. From 2008 to 2012, she was leader of research project A9 "Cultural Transfer". Gauri Parasher is an associate member of the Cluster and used to be member of research project A9 "Cultural Transfer" as well.



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