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10. Jan. 2016

Book on Embryological Discourse in East Asian Religions

Dr. Anna Andreeva and Dr. Dominic Steavu (UCSB) have co-edited a new book, entitled “Transforming the Void. Embryological Discourse and Reproductive Imagery in East Asian Religions”. It was published... weiterlesen

09. Jan. 2016

New Book on Arabic-Islamic Perceptions

Arabic-Islamic perceptions of Western Europe is the topic of a new book by Prof. Daniel König, Startup Professor for Transcultural Studies. Under the title "Arabic-Islamic Views of the Latin... weiterlesen

16. Dez. 2015

Book Launch “Globalisation and Governance in India”

The volume “Globalisation and Governance in India: New Challenges to Society and Institutions”, edited by Prof. Harihar Bhattacharyya and Dr. Lion Koenig, Associate Researcher at the Cluster of... weiterlesen

10. Dez. 2015

Workshop on Tokyo’s Transnational Histories

The 70th anniversary of the International Military Tribunal for the Far East at Tokyo (IMTFE), which took place from May 1946 to November 1948, was the topic of an international workshop with the... weiterlesen

10. Dez. 2015

Workshop on the Commemoration of Taiwanese Writers

"Forging Literary Memory in Taiwan: The Commemoration of Writers in Museum Space" was the title of a workshop held from December 11 to 12 at the Karl Jaspers Centre and the Institute of... weiterlesen

08. Dez. 2015

Dr. Davide Torri at the International Workshop “Spirited Dharma: Exploring Spirit Possession in Asian Buddhist Traditions”

On Dec. 5th Dr. Davide Torri has taken part to the International Workshop “Spirited Dharma: Exploring Spirit Possession in Asian Buddhist Traditions”, organized by the Centre for the Study of... weiterlesen

03. Dez. 2015

New Book on the Anthropology of Suicide

Dr. Daniel Münster, leader of junior research group “Agrarian Alternatives”, and Ludek Broz (Czech Academy of Sciences) have edited a new book on the topic of self-harm, suicide, and agency. Under... weiterlesen


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