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03. Jul. 2015

Keynote lecture on Global History in Japan

Interpretations of world history in Japanese academia were the topic of a lecture by Prof. Masashi Haneda (Tokyo University). It took place on July 4 at 6 pm at the Karl Jaspers Centre. It was the... weiterlesen

02. Jul. 2015

Jour Fixe on Japanese Culinary Culture

Shifts in Japanese culinary culture towards the usage of beef was the topic of the Jour Fixe with speaker Prof. Daniel Botsman (Yale). His talk was titled "From 'Sacred Cow' to 'Kobe beef' - A... weiterlesen

30. Jun. 2015

Lecture on Masculinity in India

On July 1, Prof. Sanjay Srivastava (JNU, New Delhi) gave a lecture on Prime Minister Narendra Modi's representation of masculinity. Prof. Susan Brownell (University of Missouri-St. Louis) chaired the... weiterlesen

30. Jun. 2015

WeberWorldCafé with Axel Michaels

The Forum Transregionale Studien, a cooperation partner of the Cluster/HCTS, and the Max Weber Foundation hosted the interactive event WeberWorldCafé “Museum, Power, and Identity” in June at Museums... weiterlesen

29. Jun. 2015

Workshop "Digital Humanities: Sprache, Text und Objekte"

June 29th 2015, Workshop "Digital Humanities: Sprache, Text und Objekte" mit Field of Focus 3 des Research Council der Universität Heidelberg weiterlesen

26. Jun. 2015

Nepal Day at the South Asia Institute

A "Nepal Day" in support of the country after earthquake in April was organised by the South Asia Institute (SAI) on July 3 from 2 pm. The programme included talks by members of the... weiterlesen

23. Jun. 2015

HCTS Lecture by Carlo Ginzburg

Prof. Dr. Carlo Ginzburg (UCLA/Pisa) spoke on Monday, June 22, in the great hall of Heidelberg University (Alte Aula). The renowned historian and proponent of the field of microhistory gave a lecture... weiterlesen


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