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25. Aug. 2016

Exchange Programme “New Directions in Active Ageing”

A new cooperation programme between Heidelberg Centre for Transcultural Studies/ South Asia Institute at Heidelberg University with Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi, aims at enhancing “active... weiterlesen

24. Aug. 2016

Lea Stepan will present at SIEF 21th International Ethnological Food Research Conference

Lea Stepan will present at SIEF 21th International Ethnological Food Research Conference on "Places of Food Production. Origin, Identity, Imagination", 31. August - 2. September 2016 at the... weiterlesen

19. Aug. 2016

New Book on Liberty

A new book exploring the idea of liberty from a historical perspective will be published in September 2016 by Campus Verlag Frankfurt/New York. It is co-authored by PD Dr. Susan Richter, Angela... weiterlesen

15. Aug. 2016

New Book on Architectural Heritage Conservation

The book “Authenticity in Architectural Heritage Conservation” is a new book co-edited by Prof. Niels Gutschow and Dr. Katharina Weiler. It is part of the Cluster’s book series "Transcultural... weiterlesen

12. Aug. 2016

New Database "Early Chinese Periodicals Online”

The database with the name “Early Chinese Periodicals Online” created by the Cluster´s area “Heidelberg Research Architecture (HRA)”, the Heidelberg Digital Humanities Unit and Taiwan’s Academia... weiterlesen

10. Aug. 2016

New HyperImage Project on Pilgrimage Scroll

The new research project coordinated by cluster members Jörg Gengnagel and Eric Decker aims to offer a fully annotated interactive presentation of a pilgrimage scroll from Rajasthan in India.   weiterlesen

09. Aug. 2016

Prakruti Ramesh, doctoral student from Aarhus University, Denmark is a visitor to the HCTS from May to October 2016

Prakruti Ramesh is a doctoral student affiliated to the program in Anthropology, International Area Studies and the Study of Religion in Aarhus University, Denmark. She is a visitor to Heidelberg... weiterlesen


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