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26. Sep. 2012

New Book on Intercultural Discourse

Prof. Gita Dharampal-Frick, Prof. Monika Kirloskar-Steinbach and Dr. Minou Friele have edited a new book on intercultural discourse. This volume is designed as an introductory work and discusses key... weiterlesen

26. Sep. 2012

Book on Japan's News Agency

“Japan’s News Propaganda and Reuters’ News Empire in Northeast Asia, 1870-1934” is the title of a new book by Dr. Tomoko Akami. The book focuses on Japan’s news agency and will soon be followed by... weiterlesen

20. Sep. 2012

Summer School "Reading Japanese Texts"

Students from all around the globe participated at the Summer School “Reading Pre-Modern Japanese Texts” at the Karl Jaspers Centre from September 11 to 19, 2012. The Summer School’s aim was to... weiterlesen

06. Sep. 2012

Humboldt-Foundation honours Patrick Geary

The Humboldt Foundation honours Prof. Patrick Geary at Heidelberg University. Alongside the official award ceremony, the Humboldt-Foundation organized a colloquium for the laureates. weiterlesen

29. Aug. 2012

Humboldt Fellowship for Martin Dusinberre

Dr. Martin Dusinberre has been awarded with a Research Fellowship by the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation. He will use this scholarship to research Japan’s engagement with the world in the late... weiterlesen

Karl Jaspers Centre for Advanced Transcultural Studies
28. Aug. 2012

Call for Applications: Junior Research Group Leaders

The Cluster of Excellence "Asia and Europe in a Global Context. The Dynamics of Transculturality" at Heidelberg University invites applications for four Independent Research Group Leaders. weiterlesen

13. Aug. 2012

“Seeing Matter(s)”: Summer School 2012

Young scholars from various countries and disciplines participated at the Cluster’s Summer School “Seeing Matter(s): Materiality and Visuality”. Together, they explored the role of visual and... weiterlesen


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