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New Start-Up Professorships

26. Mär. 2014

Two new Start-up Professorships have been established by the Cluster/HCTS. Prof. Dr. Daniel König already took up his work at the Cluster, Prof. Dr. Andreas Vasilache will join in June 2014.

Prof. Dr. Daniel König’s research emphasises the historical and philological aspects of transculturality. After having worked on processes of Christianisation in Late Antiquity and the Early Middle Ages (ca. 400-800 CE), his current research focuses on relations and entanglements between the Latin-Christian and Arabic-Islamic spheres between 650 and 1600 CE (and beyond). Before joining the Cluster in February, Daniel König was lecturer and researcher at the Department of History (medieval section) of the Goethe University in Frankfurt. Since 2012, he serves as coordinator of the DFG-Network “Transcultural Entanglements in the Medieval Euromediterranean (500-1500)”.

Prof. Dr. Andreas Vasilache will start his appointment as Professor of Transcultural Studies at Heidelberg University in June 2014. His research will emphasise the socioscientific aspects of the area. Within the Cluster, he will – inter alia – focus his research and his research project work on comparative regionalisation (Europe – (Central) Asia) as well as on International Security Studies (ISS), governmentality studies and transcultural studies. Until he joins the Cluster, Andreas Vasilache will continue his work as junior professor for European Studies at Bielefeld University and as Director of the binational “Centre for German and European Studies” (CGES) at Bielefeld University and Saint Petersburg State University, Russia. Since 2012, he has been recurring Visiting Professor at the Asia-Europe-Institute (AEI) at University of Malaya (UM) in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. His research interests include International Political Theory (IPT), International Relations (IR) and European Studies, Europe-Asia Relations, Comparative Regionalisation in World Society (in particular Europe and Asia), inter- and transcultural studies, as well as borders and boundaries in World Society.

Besides conducting their research, both Start-Up Professors will be teaching seminars for the Cluster’s Master Programme in Transcultural Studies.


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