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Swetlana Torno elected to Doctoral Student Convention

05. Feb. 2016

Swetlana Torno, PhD student of Junior Research Group "Demographic Turn", has been elected member of the executive committee of the Doctoral Student Convention. She will represent the interests of doctoral students in the social sciences in Heidelberg for the term of one year.

The Doctoral Student Convention was institutionalized in fall 2015 as a forum and representation of all doctoral students at Heidelberg University. In its core function, it will advise faculties and other university committees in all matters related to doctoral students and doctoral studies.

The executive committee of the convention represents on the one hand the different employment relationships, such as doctorate as employee, individual doctorate, and doctorate at a graduate school. On the other hand, representatives of different disciplines have been elected: humanities, natural sciences, social sciences, and life sciences.

Swetlana Torno represents the interests of the doctoral students in the social sciences. She functions as advisor for both the students and the faculty with regard to all student matters. Torno is currently pursuing her PhD with Junior Research Group "Demographic Turn", supervised by Dr. Sophie Roche. In her research she looks at male labour migration and its influence on women's life cycles in Tajikistan.

The establishment of the Doctoral Student Convention fosters the recognition of doctoral students as an independent group within the university. It will allow doctoral students to discuss and communicate their positions, interests, and specific needs, and feed them into decision-making processes at the university level. The Doctoral Student Convention will be set up at a central level, but will address both faculty-specific and university-wide issues.


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  • Swetlana Torno during fieldwork in Tajikistan