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Susan Richter on Heidelberg’s First Female Professor

11. Jul. 2011

Dr. Susan Richter and her Junior Research Group "A4 Bureaucracies" have compiled a new book on the occasion of the 625th anniversary of the Ruperto Carola. The critically edited autobiography of Gerta von Ubisch reviews the lifetime memories of the first female professor at Heidelberg University.

The book titled "Zwischen allen Welten - Die Lebenserinnerungen der ersten Heidelberger Professorin Gerta von Ubisch" contains and comments the autobiography of Gerta von Ubisch. The geneticist habilitated as the first woman in the south German region Baden and became the first female professor at Heidelberg University in 1929. Four years later, her teaching assignment was withdrawn and she emigrated to Brazil. After World War II, she returned to Heidelberg and fought without means for a compensation or pension which she was granted at the age of 73 years.

In addition, the book includes a number of articles discussing important phases of the live of Gerta von Ubisch in a broader context. Co-editor Dr. Armin Schlechter reviews her exile, and Dr. Susan Richter analyses the conditions in Brazil in the 1930s. Her members of staff Sebastian Meurer and Michael Roth explain the research of the geneticist as well as the relations between Jewry and gentry at the beginning of the century.

The book project was made possible thanks to support of the University’s rectorate, the Foundation City Heidelberg (Stiftung Stadt Heidelberg) and the local savings bank (Sparkasse Heidelberg). The book is published in July 2011 by the publishing company Jan Thorbecke Verlag. On July 20th, Dr. Susan Richter and her Junior Research Group "A4 Bureaucracies" will present the volume in the Palatinate Museum of the City of Heidelberg. The event starts at 7.00 pm (Invitation Card in PDF format). 

Dr. Susan Richter is Junior Research Group Leader of the project A4 "Bureaucracies" and Deputy Speaker of Research Area A "Governance & Administration". Sebastian Meurer and Michael Roth are members of the research project A4. Dr. Armin Schlechter is a librarian, formerly at the university library and now at the Library Centre of Rhineland-Palatinate.

Visit the website of the Jan Thorbecke Verlag for further information. 


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