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New book on religious aesthetics by former Cluster members

14. Jan. 2019

The book "Religion and Aesthetic Experience: Drama – Sermons – Literature" was co-edited by Sabine Dorpmüller, Jan Scholz, Max Stille, and Ines Weinrich. It explores the links between transculturality and religious aesthetics and was published with the series Heidelberg Studies on Transculturality in Heidelberg University’s publishing branch, heiUP.

The volume focuses on religious aesthetics, which have gained increasing importance over the past few years in the fields of Religious studies and Islamic studies. It highlights the transcultural dimensions of the theoretical foundations of religious aesthetics. It explores aesthetic experience in the religious field through a series of case studies. These include Islamic sermons from the Middle East and South Asia, Islamic religious chanting, a chapter of the Qurʾān, a German performance artist, Indian rasa theory, and Arabic and Bengali literature. Together, the authors demonstrate that the analysis of the aesthetic forms of religious mediation across regions and genres is a fruitful approach to transcultural studies.

The book was an outcome of a cooperation between the Cluster of Excellence "Asia and Europe in a Global Context" at Heidelberg University and the Orient Institute Beirut. From the Cluster, Max Stille worked within the Minicluster "Listening Communities," which examined the transcultural dynamics of Islamic sermons, as part of Research Area B at the Cluster "Asia and Europe". Currently, he is a researcher at the Center for the History of Emotions at the Max Planck Institute for Human Development in Berlin with a project on Urdu journalism. Jan Scholz was part of the same Minicluster. At present, he is working at the Thuringian Ministry of Internal Affairs focusing on Islamist extremism, radicalization, and internal security.

"Heidelberg Studies on Transculturality" is the Cluster’s Open Access book series in the humanities and social sciences and was funded by a grant of the German Research Foundation (Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft – DFG).

HeiUP offers Open Access to high-quality scientific works on its online platform. As an open book resource, the series "Heidelberg Studies on Transculturality" provides both an interactive HTML version as well as PDF documents to download. The former comes with a two-dimensional display and enables the reader to view complementary content such as tables, images, and references.

You can find out more about the book on HeiUP's homepage.


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