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New Book by Bernd Schneidmüller on European History

21. Mär. 2011

Prof. Dr. Schneidmüller wrote a book on European history focusing on the Late Middle Ages. It presents a thorough examination of different facets of the European history between 1200 and 1500 AC.

The book titled "Grenzerfahrung und Monarchische Ordnung. Europa 1200-1500" presents Europe as a construct based on the medieval inside views of "Europeans" on the one hand and their "Asian" frontier experiences on the other, fully corresponding with the transcultural approach of the Cluster.  

Prof. Schneidmüller uses as landmarks three important events of the European history, namely the Mongol invasion, the outbreak of the plague and the discovery of America, to expose the main lines in the historical development of politics, religion, social affairs and mentality in Europe during the Late Middle Ages. The focus of the book lays on the role of Rome and Byzantium, Emperor and Pope, culture of knowledge and experience of powerlessness, the arrival of the Ottoman Turks as well as the exploration of the world and search for new ways.

The book appeared in the Beck Verlag in 2011 as part of the series beck'sche reihe.

Prof. Dr. Schneidmüller coordinates the project A5 Nationising and Dynasty at the Cluster. He also holds the Chair in Medieval History at the Department of History, Heidelberg University.

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