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Kyoto-Heidelberg Student Workshop 2018

15. Feb. 2018

The Kyoto-Heidelberg student workshop is conducted annually as a component of the partnership between both universities. This year’s workshop took place on Friday, February 9, at the Karl Jaspers Centre. It addressed the topic "Peace and Conflict in Asia and Europe" to enhance an academic debate on the creation of peace.

The purpose of the workshop was to ask students to engage with historical moments of creating peace after conflict, for example the establishment of the EU after World War II. Therein, the focus was set on dynamics of cultural exchange and the creation of peace through cultural negotiation and transculturation. Within the workshop, students expressed their own thoughts according to the topic and presented their research on different topics like the situation in military and army, the education on war, representations of peace and conflict in diverse media and on civil society movements. The exchange of ideas with fellow students complemented the presentations. The workshop ended with a concluding discussion and reception.

Dr. Takuma Melber, Coordinator of the MA Transcultural Studies, Dr. Takahiro Yamatoto, Assistant Professor of Cultural Economic History, and Björn-Ole Kamm from Kyoto University convened the event. The delegation of nine students from Kyoto University visited Heidelberg University before continuing their trip to Strasbourg University. There, the delegation will attend a second workshop.


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