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Global History Workshop 2014

24. Mär. 2014

The making of global history was the topic of a workshop organised by Research Groups A13 “Subaltern Diplomacy” and MC12 “Floating Spaces”. The event took place at the Karl Jaspers Centre from March 21 to 22, 2014.

The workshop “Narrating an Entangled World: To What End(s) Do We Write Global History?” addressed challenges Global Historians face during their research, such as the need for an adapted methodology enabling an altered read of conventional and the acquisition of new sources, the rethinking of established categories, concepts and their Eurocentric implications, and finally the reflection of possible meta-narratives.

In five sessions, the Workshop provided a platform for the presentation and discussion of ongoing research conducted by PhD, and Post-Doctoral scholars in the field of Global History. Based on these empirical case studies, each session aimed to bring the debate to a theoretical level and to contribute to the overarching aim of the workshop which is essential to encourage the participants to think about eventual meta-narratives.

On the first day of the workshop, participants examined central analytical concepts – Ideas and Practices, Actors and Networks, Gender and Hierarchies – and discussed their value for Entangled History. The sessions on the second day then moved from concepts to dimensions: Acknowledging time and space as inevitable reference points of historical writing, participants explored their relation to and significance for their research. A complementary round table session at the end of the workshop provided the opportunity for an open discussion of the issue of big narratives in the history of an entangled world.

The event’s keynote lecture was held by historian Prof. Dr. Angelika Epple from the University of Bielefeld on Micro- and Global History. The talk “Beyond Synthesis: The Return of Microhistory in Global Contexts” took place on Friday, March 21 at 18.15 pm.

The Workshop was organised by Research Groups A13 “Subaltern Diplomacy”, coordinated by Prof. Dr. Madeleine Herren-Oesch, and MC12 “Floating Spaces", coordinated by PD Dr. Roland Wenzlhuemer and Prof. Dr. Alexander Zipf.

For more information and registration please see the workshop's website.


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