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Funding for Winter School in Kyoto

24. Mär. 2014

Dr. Orion Klautau, coordinator of project MC7 “Political Legitimation”, has been successful with an application for organising the Santander International School. It is funded by Heidelberg University and Santander Bank and will be held in Kyoto, Japan, from March 9 to 18, 2015.

Under the title "What is Caesar's, What is God's? A Transcultural Perspective on the Legitimation of the Political and Religious Spheres", the winter school will undertake a historical analysis of the conceptual dichotomy between “religion” and “politics”. Central issues will be the resignification of the concept of "religion", the discourse on "religion", a transcultural perspective on missionary work, church and state in context, and the "other" of "religion". The dichotomy of “religion” and “politics” was historically established along with categories such as “superstition,” “science,” and “the secular.” All of these concepts must be understood, in this context, in terms of their otherness in relation to religion, and their dissemination with regard to the same transcultural networks which enabled the concept of religion to spread throughout the globe.

The winter school will bring together specialists working on Europe, Asia, and Latin America in a dialogue from the perspective of the discursive formation of religion. It is aimed at advanced graduate students from all areas of specialisation in the humanities and social sciences. The programme will combine input from experts in the form of keynote lectures, workshops led by two or three senior scholars, and presentations and discussions of the participant's own research projects. Keynote Speakers include Prof. Prasenjit Duara (National University of Singapore), Prof. Sylvie Le Grand Ticchi (Paris West University Nanterre, France), Prof. Hayashi Makoto (Aichi Gakuin  University, Japan), and Prof. Hartmut Lehmann (University of Kiel, Germany).

The programme will take place from March 9 to 18, 2015, at Kyoto University, Japan, which already closely collaborates with Heidelberg University in the HeKKSaGOn Alliance. It is organised by Dr. Orion Klautau and Prof. Hans Martin Krämer, both from project MC7 “Political Legitimation”. Orion Klautau has been a research fellow with the sub-project MC7.1 “‘Religion and Politics’ and ‘Church and State’” since 2013. Hans Martin Krämer is professor at the Institute of Japanology in Heidelberg and co-coordinates the research project MC7. Prof. Tanigawa Yutaka, from the Department of Japanese history at Kyoto University, will act as the local host in Kyoto.

The Santander International Schools are supported by Santander Bank in cooperation with Heidelberg University. The programme for doctoral students promotes cooperation and mobility between universities in Asia, Europe and Latin America. The coordination is being handled by the International Relations Office of Heidelberg University.


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