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Filmed Lecture of Barbara Mittler

10. Nov. 2011

The University of Bayreuth shows a film on a lecture by Prof. Barbara Mittler. She talked about the introduction of European Opera into other regions of the world with a focus on China.

Under the title "Wagner goes East. Chinese Encounters with European Opera", Prof. Mittler discussed how European Opera functions and how it is understood in China. Taking Richard Wagner's operas as an example, she examined among others the political and commercial motivations behind their performances in the world.

The lecture was held in November 2011 in context of the event series "Wagner World Wide 2013". It is organised around the world by the University of Bayreuth in recognition of composer Richard Wagner’s (1813-1883) bicentennial in 2013. The basic question is: how does Wagner’s work relate to contemporary global issues?

Prof. Dr. Barbara Mittler is speaker of Research Area B "Public Spheres" and coordinates a number of research projects at the Cluster. She is also Director of the Institute of Chinese Studies at Heidelberg University.

Watch the lecture on Youtube


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