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Digital Slide Collection "EXC Global Art History"

20. Apr. 2012

The Chair for Global Art History and the Heidelberg Research Architecture develop a new digital resource together. About 3.000 images on art from South Asia are already available for researchers and students of Heidelberg University. The areas covered include pre- and early modern Islamic art as well as works of modern and contemporary artists.

For research and teaching purposes, the new collection provides many images on Muslim art in India. One image, for example, illustrates how the famous Mughal emperor Akbar ordered the punishment of his foster brother Adham Khan. It was painted by Abu'l-Fazl ibn Mubarak who was the vizier of Akbar and author of the official history of Akbar's reign. Another image by the same painter documents how Akbar received news from Fatehpur Sikri of the birth of Prince Salim. Further topics include Alexander the Great, the history of British art and Persian art. To all images, metadata information such as key terms, dates and sources have been added. The resource can be accessed by members of Heidelberg University via the HeidIcon pool "EXC Global Art History".

The new digital resource is developed by the Chair for Global Art History together with the Heidelberg Research Architecture. The Chair of Global Art History is held by Prof. Dr. Monica Juneja. The Heidelberg Research Architecture is advised by a board of Cluster researchers and IT experts chaired by Prof. Dr. Birgit Kellner. Further Cluster members involved in the development of the digital resource include Matthias Arnold, Franziska Koch, Madeleine Rettig, Brigitte Berger-Göken and Simon Grüning.


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  • Detail of the image "The Martyrdom of Zakariya". Source: Susane Stronge: "Painting for the Mughal Emperor, The Art of the Book 1560-1660", p. 91.