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Dr. Heike Moser: Winner of the Ernst-Waldschmidt-Award

22. Dez. 2008

The Prussian Cultural Heritage Foundation awarded Dr. Heike Moser, Research Fellow in the newly granted Project B 14 "Religion on stage", the Ernst-Waldschmidt-Award 2008 for her scholarly work in the field of Indology.

The Ernst-Waldschmidt-Award is bestowed by the Ernst Waldschmidt Foundation at the Prussian Cultural Heritage Foundation since 1988. It honours outstanding scientific research in the area of Indology, particularly in Waldschmidt's special areas of expertise (Buddhism, Indian and Central Asian Archaeology and Art). The award is especially intended to support young German scholars working in the field of Indology. The award is endowed with 5.000 Euro and may be bestowed every five years. The decision is made by the steering committee upon the suggestion of the council of the Ernst Waldschmidt Foundation. All specialists in Indology with executive positions are eligible to nominate potential candidates. Self-application is allowed as well.

The Prussian Cultural Heritage Foundation is one of the world's major cultural organisations. The State Museums of Berlin, the State Library, the Secret State Archives Prussian Cultural Heritage Foundation, the Ibero-American Institute and the State Institute for Music Research, all with their origins in the collections and archives of the State of Prussia, are linked to form a close network for cultural transmission.



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    Dr. Heike Moser