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Conference "Nationizing the Dynasty" in Los Angeles

11. Apr. 2012

The interpretation of the shift from dynasty to nation was the topic of the conference “Nationizing the Dynasty – Dynastizing the Nation”. The international graduate conference was organised by research group A5 “Nationising the Dynasty” and was held at the University of California (UCLA), Los Angeles, from April 12 to 14, 2012.

International scholars from various fields of research critiqued the nature of the modern national body politic by looking at it from the point of view of its putative other: the dynasty. By combining and analysing dynasties that adapt to any form of nation, as well as nations that appropriate dynastic concepts into their symbolic repertoire, the conference provided a theoretical perspective which deconstructs the category of nationalist modernity in order to understand it from the point of view of one of its so-called ancestors, the princely dynasty.

A keynote lecture on “Nation and Dynasty, East and West” was given by Prof. Liah Greenfeld from Boston University. Among other speakers, Javier Moreno-Luzón (Complutense University of Madrid) explored “Performing Monarchy and Spanish Nationalism: A Comparative Perspective (1902-1913)”, and Cluster member Milinda Banerjee talked about “God, King, and Country: Colonial and Nationalist Discourses on Human Divine ‘Monarchy’ in India”. Prof. Patrick J. Geary, a member of the Cluster’s Advisory Board, was the Chair for the first conference panel “Engaging with ‘Nation’ and ‘Identity’ during Dynastic Change”.

The conference was organised by research group A5 “Nationising the Dynasty” in cooperation with the Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies at UCLA, as well as Prof. Patrick Geary, Professor of Medieval History at the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton and member of the Cluster’s Advisory Board. The research group is coordinated by Prof. Gita Dharampal-Frick, Prof. Thomas Maissen, Prof. Barbara Mittler, and Prof. Bernd Schneidmüller. The conference took place at the University of California (Royce Hall 306), Los Angeles from April 12 to 14, 2012.

Visit the conference website for more information


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