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Christiane Brosius co-edits new volume “Out of Space”

04. Jul. 2019

HCTS professor Christiane Brosius, the professor of Visual and Media Anthropology at the Heidelberg Centre for Transcultural Studies, co-edited "Out of Space. Sensory Practices and Placemaking" together with Prof. Holger Schulze. The volume was published with DeGryuter in Paragrana – Internationale Zeitschrift für Historische Anthropologie.

Prof. Christiane Brosius, the professor of Visual and Media Anthropology at the HCTS and Prof. Holger Schulze from the University of Copenhagen have assembled fourteen articles for publication in the journal Paragrana – Internationale Zeitschrift für Historische Anthropologie under the heading "Out of Space. Sensory Practices and Placemaking." The articles all share an interest in approaching place-making practices by means of trans- and interdisciplinary methods. The contributions seek to trace and make visible or audible these multi-sensorial aspects of shaping places at the fringes or the periphery of what is often coined as 'centre,' but also the presence of ephemeral, temporal or interstitial qualities of place that often go unnoticed.

"Out of Space" also gestures towards place-making practices that are highly sensorial and/or visual and that require attention but also often interdisciplinary methods to approach and source data in new ways. Spatial experiences are often multi-sensorial; memory and imagination play a key role, as does the media used in transcending them. This is why this issue has taken up an experimental format, incorporating sound, hosted on an online platform, and paying attention to the location, circulation and fabric of images – be they archived or displayed across various means and to varieties of publics.

The volume experiments with sound and thus works in tandem with Seismograph an independent open access web journal focusing on the newest developments within the arts of sound and their works and makers. Five audiopapers are published here.   

Among the authors are HCTS-members contributing to the volume are Prof. Christiane Brosius, Dr. Cathrine Bublatzky, Marlène Harles, Dikshya Karki, Aida Murtic. The symposium "Out of Space?" preceding the volume was funded by the Cluster “Asia and Europe in a Global Context” and took place at Copenhagen University in July 2017.

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  • Photo: Christiane Brosius