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Christiane Brosius appointed as Marsilius Fellow

04. Apr. 2016

Prof. Dr. Christiane Brosius, Chair of Visual and Media Anthropology, has been appointed as a fellow of the Marsilius Kolleg at Heidelberg University from March 2016 to February 2017.

The appointment followed a selection by the University's rectorate applying criteria such as scholarly excellence, confirmed by publications, and a proposal that demands for collaboration with other scholarly disciplines, in this case, with Profs. Ulrike Gerhard (Geography) and Katja Patzel-Mattern (History). The linking theme is “Beyond North and South. Comparative Urban Studies in the context of natural and social resource conflicts”, where Brosius will concentrate on the relationality between emerging art scenes, climate change and spatial ecologies in Kathmandu and Delhi. The fellowship allows Brosius to conduct research in the winter term during which she will be replaced by Prof. Dr. Nadja-Christina Schneider, Humboldt-University (Berlin).

The Marsilius Kolleg, named after the first rector of the University of Heidelberg, Marsilius von Inghen, is as a Centre for Advanced Study to promote interdisciplinary dialogue and research. It aims at bridging the gap especially between the sciences and the humanities. The Marsilius fellowship allows academics to concentrate on a proposed interdisciplinary project and to participate in the scientific activities of the Marsilius Kolleg. Marsilius Fellows are released from a substantial part of their teaching load and receive funds for six months of an interim professorship. 

Prof. Dr. Christiane Brosius holds the chair of Visual and Media Anthropology at the Heidelberg Centre for Transcultural Studies.


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