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CfA: Heidelberg-Tohoku Joint Degree Programme

15. Jul. 2019

As part of the Heidelberg-Tohoku Joint Degree Programme, doctoral candidates at Heidelberg University in Asian and Transcultural Studies are eligible to apply for a one-year doctoral scholarship starting in April 2020 to study at the Graduate School of Law at Tohoku University.

The Joint PhD Programme between Heidelberg University and Tohoku University is a three-year doctoral programme offering international access to an interdisciplinary research environment. Students participating in the Joint PhD programme spend the first and third year at their home institution at Heidelberg University, and their second year as regular doctoral candidates at the School of Law at Tohoku University, Japan. Upon successful completion of their third year of studies, students will be conferred a PhD degree by both universities.

Prospective applicants with research interests in fields related to History, Politics, Society, Law, and Economics of Japan and East Asia must be registered, or expected to be registered, as PhD students at their home institutions by April 2020. They also must have passed the preliminary requirements set forth by the home institutions at which the are registered or plan to be registered, and must be agreed upon as candidates in order to make an application to the Graduate School of Law, Tohoku University.

Interested doctoral students should pick up their application materials from Nora Bartels ( and hand them back to her by July 26, 2019. Applications that are handed in later will not be accepted.

The deadline for applications at Tohoku Universtiy is August 2, 2019.

Tohoku University is one of Japan´s most prestigious academic institution. Besides the HCTS, the Graduate School of Law at Tohoku University has collaborated, among the others, with the Faculty of Philosophy at Heidelberg University, l´Ecole Normale Superieure de Lyon (ENS-Lyon), the University of Sheffield’s School of East Asian Studies, and the Department of Political Science at National Taiwan University.


You can find more information on the ppgramme and the application process here.


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