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Book on "Asian History Textbooks" by Gotelind Müller-Saini

22. Apr. 2011

Prof. Dr. Gotelind Müller-Saini, coordinator of several research projects at the Cluster "Asia and Europe", has edited the book "Designing History in East Asian Textbooks: Identity Politics and Transnational Aspirations".

This book is the final publication of research project A2 "Schoolbooks". It has been edited by Prof. Müller-Saini, who is also coordinator of this project. On the basis of textbook analyses, it explores Asian education and curricula in regard to political socialization and national identity. The book encompasses articles by international education experts, scholars as well as curriculum developers, who are focusing on the role of curricula in inculcating homogenous visions of the national self, and indeed homogenized visions of significant 'others'.

The book has been published by Routledge in the series "Routledge Studies in Education and Society in Asia" in 2011. For more information see the book announcement of Routledge.  A paperback edition has been published in 2013.

Gotelind Müller-Saini is coordinator of the research projects A2 "Schoolbooks", A8 "Teaching Identity" and A12 "Framing Visions" at the Cluster "Asia and Europe" and Professor of Chinese Studies at Heidelberg University.


Description of the book by Routledge:
This book analyses the efforts throughout East Asia to deploy education for purposes of political socialization, and in particular in order to shape notions of identity. The chapters also examine the trend of ‘common textbook initiatives’, which have recently emerged in East Asia with the aim of helping to defuse tensions arguably fuelled by existing practices of mutual (mis)representation. These are analysed in relation to the East Asian political context, and compared with previous and ongoing endeavours in other parts of the world, particularly Europe, which have been keenly observed by East Asian practitioners.


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