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„Anthropology in Motion“- Blog launches

02. Jun. 2014

Be inspired by Anthropology – Anthropology in Motion launches! Students and faculty from the Institute of Anthropology and the HCTS start a Blog.

Did you always wonder about what daily research practice means for an anthropologist?
Did you do fieldwork and want to tell other students and faculty in Heidelberg about it?
Have you produced a film, a visual essay or an audio-report that you want to share with other students and faculty?
Do you want to know what your colleagues do when they're not sitting in a seminar next to you?
Then check out our new blog:

Maintained by a team of students and faculty from the Institute of Anthropology and the Heidelberg Centre of Transcultural Studies, this blog aims at providing students as well as staff members with an informal, yet critical platform to share their works and ideas.
 We particularly encourage students to participate and contribute! You can reach us at

The Anthropology in Motion-Team: Roos Gerritsen, Tim Ostertag, Laura Klöpping, Venetia Wan, and Salome Heyn


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