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Annual Conference is about to begin

07. Okt. 2014

The sixth Annual Conference of the Cluster “Asia and Europe in a Global Context” will begin on next Wednesday. Scholars from various disciplines and across the globe will discuss the topic “Cultural Mediation: Creativity, Performance, Display”. It is organised by Research Area B “Public Spheres”. 

The conference will explore the many ways through which cultural practice in its widest sense is transculturally communicated, negotiated and contested. It will highlight how individuals, collectives or institutions constitute, appropriate or alter and circulate cultural goods or processes across time and space. Looking closely at these navigations, panels will address the role and importance of mediation as nodes and expressions of creativity, performance and exhibition facilitated by diverse agents such as religious experts, media specialists, labor migrants, artists or curators.

The three-day programme includes panel discussions focusing on a large variety of spaces and practices, objects and agents of cultural contact, exchange and translation. They offer different perspectives that enable the study of "production" and "trading" of cultures in the fields of art, religion, and media.

Prof. Erika Fischer-Lichte will open the Annual Conference with a lecture on “Interweaving Performance Cultures: A Transcultural Approach”. Prof. Nikolas Jaspert will give a Keynote Lecture on the topic “Cultural Brokerage: A Medieval Mediterranean Perspective”.

The sixth Annual Conference of the Cluster "Asia and Europe" will take place from October 8-10, 2014. It is organised by Prof. Christiane Brosius, Prof. Melanie Trede, and Prof. Hans Harder on behalf of research area B "Public Spheres".


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