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Film with Hasan Ashraf on Textiles in Bangladesh

This film portrays PhD Candidate Hasan Ashraf and introduces to his research on transnational garment production in Bangladesh.

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Hasan Ashraf conducted a shop floor ethnography on the lives of garment workers in a global garment factory for six months in Dhaka, Bangladesh. From the factory floor, he extended his ethnographic observation into the labour colony to experience the social lives of the workers. He documented events of labour resistance on the streets. In his research, he detailed how the garment workers confront the global apparel supply chain exploitation on the shop floor and claim their rights.

His research work is part of research project C5 "Stress and Stress Relief" which is coordinated by Prof. William S. Sax, Prof. Wolfgang Eckart and Prof. Joachim Fischer.

The film portrait was produced by the Cluster’s film crew, Christoph Bertolo and Sarah Ewald. The film is part of a series initiated by the Chair of Visual and Media Anthropology under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Christiane Brosius. The idea is to present selected Cluster researchers and their projects. Among others, the ethnomusicologist Franck Bernède, the media practitioner Deepali Gaur Singh and the archaeologist Philipp W. Stockhammer have already been portrayed.

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