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Film with Monica Juneja on Global Art History

This film portrait introduces the work of the Chair of Global Art History held by Prof. Dr. Monica Juneja. It shows how this relatively new research field aims to not only master the challenge of including transculturality into classic art history, but also to let the public partake in the research results and findings.

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The film portrait shows how the Chair of Global Art History focuses on the effect of the circulation of art objects on cultural identities. As a response to the challenge posed by global connectivity to existing disciplines, researchers do not focus on one culture and its art exclusively, but to view it in relation to other cultures and their art. The constant movement of art, artists and artistic objects throughout history and their perception by people from different cultures and backgrounds constitute the essential challenge of Global Art History. The Chair organises field trips to galleries and exhibitions to encourage students to make direct contact with curators and objects of art.

The research and teaching agenda of the department for Global Art History, chalked out by Prof. Monica Juneja, Dr. Michael Falser and Franziska Koch, locates the European and the non-European in a common field to help evolve a non-hierarchical conceptual framework and language that historicises difference without essentialising it. The projects include a study of heritage as a transcultural concept, architectural histories and conservation politics in their global entanglements, exhibition practices between Asia and Europe, critical explorations with a view to de-centering and reconfiguring modernism, and an investigation of the disciplinary formation of art history in colonial and post colonial South Asia. With a view to greater public outreach, the Department is involved in an exhibition project on the visualization of natural disasters across cultures. This is a transdisciplinary enterprise carried out in cooperation with the Reiss-Engelhorn-Museen (Mannheim) and the Cluster Research Group "Cultures of Disaster".

The film portrait was produced by Christoph Bertolo and Frank Pfeiffer of FlexX Film Dienst. Interviews were conducted by Anne Scheuing.

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