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Film with Armin Volkmann on Digital Humanities

This film introduces Dr. Armin Volkmann and his Junior Research Group "Digital Humanities". The group is establishing a body of knowledge for digital methods and standards in the humanities. It is part of the University's Field of Focus 3, the Interdisciplinary Center for Scientific Computing and the Cluster "Asia and Europe".

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The spectrum of the young discipline of digital humanities ranges from corpus linguistics through computer philology to applied computer sciences. Dr. Armin Volkmann and his group focus on "Archaeological Information Systems" and "Digital Cultural Heritage". They examine digital methods in the humanities and evaluate opportunities and risks associated with these large research datasets that may extend across hundreds of terabyte. Besides, Volkmann is part of a team that works with GIS and LIDAR laser scanning data (2D and 3D modelling). Furthermore, his research group is developing VREs (virtual research environments) for specific workflows such as the digitization of sub-projects in the humanities and arts.

The Junior Research Group "Digital Humanities" is financed by Heidelberg University’s Field of Focus 3 "Cultural Dynamics in Globalised Worlds", the Interdisciplinary Center for Scientific Computing (IWR), and the Cluster of Excellence “Asia and Europe in a Global Context" to develop into a core facility of the University. It works together with project partners from within and outside Heidelberg University.

Dr. Armin Volkmann studied Geography and Pre- and Protohistory in Gießen and Berlin. He coordinated the "Digital Infrastructure for the Arts and Humanities" at the University of Würzburg before joining Heidelberg University in fall 2013.