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Film with Melanie Trede on the Circulation of Images

Prof. Melanie Trede and her research on the production and circulation of images are introduced in this film portrait. The historian of Japanese art histories analyses the frames and framings of images focusing on Japanese works travelling to Europe and vice versa.

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In the film, Prof. Trede explains the production and circulation of images from Japan to Europe, using the example of a private collector's handscroll dating back to the fourteenth century. But artistic technologies and iconographic elements also travelled from Europe to Japan, as Prof. Trede explores during a short research trip to the German Federal Bank Archive in Frankfurt. In particular, Prof. Trede is interested to examine who made these transcultural engagements happen.

Prof. Dr. Melanie Trede is a coordinator of the interdisciplinary research group MC4 "Frames and Framings in Transcultural Interactions" at the Cluster of Excellence "Asia and Europe in a Global Context". She is professor of the Histories of Japanese Art at Heidelberg University since 2004. Previously, she taught at Columbia University and at the Institute of Fine Arts, New York University. She received her PhD at Heidelberg University and completed BA and MA studies at the Free University, Berlin, Waseda and Gakushuin Universities, Tokyo, and Heidelberg University. Her research and publication interests include histories of art in Japan, pictorial narratives, gender issues and art history, collecting histories, art historiographies and terminologies.

The film portrait was produced by Christoph Bertolo and Frank Pfeiffer of FlexX Film Dienst. The film is part of a series initiated by the Chair of Visual and Media Anthropology. The idea is to present selected Cluster researchers and their projects. Among other scholars, the ethnomusicologist Franck Bernède, the media practitioner Deepali Gaur Singh and the archaeologist Philipp W. Stockhammer have been portrayed in this format.

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