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14. Jan. 2019

New book on religious aesthetics by former Cluster members

The book “Religion and Aesthetic Experience: Drama – Sermons – Literature” was co-edited by Sabine Dorpmüller, Jan Scholz, Max Stille and Ines Weinrich. It explores the links between transculturality... weiterlesen

09. Jan. 2019

New issue of "The Journal of Transcultural Studies" online

The latest (double) issue of the Cluster's e-journal "The Journal of Transcultural Studies" continues the exploration of novel interdisciplinary formats. It features five essays, which... weiterlesen


23. Jan 2019

Lecture: "Philosophie als leitende Wissenschaft: Interkulturalität, Interdisziplinalität, Interlingualität"

  Speaker: LIU Liqun (BFSU, Peking, China) Please note: the lecture will be in...

29. Jan 2019

Guest Lecture: "The Circulation of Mathematical Ideas between India and Europe in the Nineteenth Century"

Speaker: Dhruv Raina, Professor of History of Science Education at the Zakir Husain Centre for...


15. Jan. 2019

RNZ reports about Takuma Melber’s new research project

The daily newspaper Rhein-Neckar-Zeitung reported about Dr. Takuma Melber’s new research project "Digitales Tsingtauarchiv", which aims at a systematic collection of written records and... weiterlesen

08. Jan. 2019

RNZ reports about new book by Axel Michaels

The daily newspaper Rhein-Neckar-Zeitung published an article about former Cluster director Prof. Axel Michael’s new book "Kultur und Geschichte Nepals". It is the first comprehensive... weiterlesen