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Christiane Brosius and Roberta Mandoki publish edited volume on Caring for Old Age in South Asia

Christiane Brosius and Roberta Mandoki have just published their edited volume "Caring for Old Age. Perspectives from South Asia" in the "Heidelberg Studies on Transculturality" series with HeiUP.

New book on Standards of Validity in Late Imperial China published

HCTS members Martin Hofmann and Joachim Kurtz, together with Ari Daniel Levine, have co-edited the volume Powerful Arguments: Standards of Validity in Late Imperial China, published by Brill.

Global Art History receives "Social Innovation Grant" to reorient global art research and museum work

The Professorship of Global Art History at the Heidelberg Centre for Transcultural Studies (HCTS), together with five other institutes at renowned universities in Canada, Great Britain and the Netherlands, has now received a “Social Innovation Grant” for the project Worlding Public Cultures: Art and Social Innovation. The project is based on the TrACE research network, committed to the worldwide networking of transnational and transcultural research and teaching in the arts.

New issue of "The Journal of Transcultural Studies" online

The latest issue of the HCTS e-journal, "The Journal of Transcultural Studies," was recently published. It features, inter alia, a written memorial in honour of the late Rudolf Wagner and a thematic section focusing on museum exhibitions of Asian-Pacific artefacts around the world.

Andrea Bréard publishes book on mathematics in China

Prof. Andrea Bréard, former associate member of the Cluster "Asia and Europe," published a collection of essays titled “Nine Chapters on Mathematical Modernity.” The book, focusing on the modernization of mathematics in China, analyses the developments in the Chinese mathematical culture between the nineteenth and the mid-twentieth century from a transcultural, global-historical perspective.

Rudolf Wagner among editors of volume on leisure

The late Prof. Rudolf Wagner is among the editors of the volume on “Testing the Margins of Leisure. Case Studies on China, Japan, and Indonesia,” published with heiUP. By focusing on recent history, the book explores the many dimensions and historical trajectories of leisure in different cultural environments around the world.

Latest Newsletter Issue

The latest issue of our newsletter is available now.

Newsletter (PDF)


  • On January 26, Dr. Takuma Melber, lecturer at the HCTS and coordinator of the Master´s in Transcultural Studies, will give a talk about "Heidelberg University's Digital Tsingtau Archive and German Soldiers in the POW Camp Narashino - New Documents" in Narashino (Chiba prefecture, Japan). The event is part of a public lecture programme at Narashino Townhall, held in the context of the city museum´s exhibition marking the 100th anniversary of the repatriation of the German POWs (prisoners of war camp) from Narashino to Germany.

  • The SWAGATA Consortium is calling for applications for a staff mobility for training within the programme "Erasmus+ Key Action 107 (Mobility with Partner Countries)." The grant is offered to a staff applicant from Heidelberg University in the field of Humanities and Social Sciences for an exchange with one of the partner Universities in India for up to 15 days. You can find more information here. SWAGATA consists of the University of Cologne, the University of Göttingen and Heidelberg University as well as their regional offices in New Delhi; it aims at strengthening the cooperation between Germany and India through mobility and collaborations.

Media Reports

Prof. Barbara Mittler and Prof. Axel Michaels wrote an article about CATS for the IIAS newsletter.

SWR4 interviewed Prof. Christiane Brosius about her Nepal Heritage Documentation Project (NHDP).

Deutschlandfunk interviewed Prof. Barbara Mittler for "Tag für Tag."

The Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung published an article by Prof. Christiane Brosius.

SWR2 featured Prof. Joseph Maran in radio report.

WDR interviewed Takuma Melber on Pearl Harbor.

Deutschlandfunk broadcasted an interview with Prof. Monica Juneja.

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